Cole was three when he first went missing. He would vanish for days on end, only to appear back in his bed where his mother left him. The problem persisted as he aged, so he grew up isolated from anyone who might get close enough to learn his secret. By high school the vanishings had all but stopped, and Cole was finally free to claim a life a normalcy. But when faced with a deadly encounter, a mysterious presence appears and takes him away. For good.

He finds himself on Aeneria, an exotic world inhabited by giants, demons, and magic. Cole’s arrival reignites an ancient war and unleashes three evil gods, threatening not only Aeneria, but Earth itself. His only hope lies within a sect of warriors who show him the ways of magic, and for the first time in his life, friendship.

In order to save this world and his own, Cole must temper himself in the fires of nightmares, all while trying to find his place in a world he doesn’t belong.



The War For The Aethers Has Only Just Begun…

Cole and his friends escaped the terror in Costas. However even with all their skill and powers, they failed to stop the Devotion. While fleeing across the far reaches of Aeneria, they answer the summons of the Celestial Council within Oberon Temple, who demand that The Sill account for their war crimes, and that Cole answer for his own transgressions.

With one Harbinger crowned and the other two soon to follow, the shadow of The Three grows darker by the day, bringing new enemies and unexpected challenges for Cole and his friends. Cole has become a powerful warrior, but he simply isn’t enough. If Aeneria is to have any hope of surviving the second coming of The Three, he must delve further than anyone before him into Aeneria’s ancient magics.



The Dark Side Has Fallen...

All three Harbingers have been crowned. Sorronis, Decreath, and Grotton once again walk among the innocent, plaguing Aeneria with unprecedented suffering as they strive to unlock the aethers. The Sill remains as Aeneria’s last candle of hope against the rising of the Shadow Tide.

With their masters out of the fight and The Sill weaker than ever, it is now up to Cole and his friends to don the mantle of Unbound and deliver Aeneria from The Three’s deadly embrace. They must become more than themselves, and succeed where Chiron, Roth, and Alvani failed. They strike out to the farthest reaches of Aeneria, exploring lands exotic and uncharted while recruiting warriors for their cause. Yet wherever their missions take them, they find whisperings of something foul stalking every step they take.




Love Is Life’s Greatest Risk.

This is a story of Varka, the most prolific thief Aeneria has ever known. With the aid of magic, Varka has spent the majority of his life scouring the Light Side, pilfering and fencing everything within his broad horizon; gems, precious artwork, forgotten secrets, and beautiful lies.

His thieving career brings him to the heist of a lifetime, a luxury ship of unmatched speed and rare quality. Aeneria’s Light Side is as warm as it is naive, and beneath its veneer of safety lies a perfect vulnerability--- Magic only exists in the fringes of campfire legends; yet Varka is from the Dark Side, which means he is most adept in the craft. Just like every other job, there should be no one who could stop him from pulling off this, his greatest heist. No one at all, unless there happened to be a better thief lying in wait. One who happened to have her sights set on the same ship.



A Free Introduction to the Dark World of Aeneria

Florien is a man known for both his generosity and debauchery. By day, Florien can be found patronizing the local shops, leaving hefty tips and happy patrons in his wake. People adore him, but people are stupid. They have no clue what horrors Florien commits at night, what his real job is. If they ever knew his dark secret they would Hate him as much as he Hates himself. In this short story you will uncover Florien's shame by following him through a day in his life.